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Beachy Blues Crystals

Beautiful 351gram Druzy Sugar Amethyst Freeform From Uruguay

Beautiful 351gram Druzy Sugar Amethyst Freeform From Uruguay

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Amethyst Crystals helps in promoting good health on all fronts - physical, mental and spiritual.

Physically ~ Amethyst is known to support the immune system, reduce tension and headaches, and promote restful sleep. Amethysts are reported to open a person's third eye.

Mentally ~ its effects include alleviating worries and fears, encouraging clear thinking, and trusting one's intuition.

Spiritually ~ The magical properties of the amethyst gemstone/ crystal bring peace and calmness. It can promote intuition and creativity. Amethyst is also known for its ability to balance one's chakra energy. Thus, allowing someone to feel more grounded in their life while still exploring new ideas or things they find interesting. The third eye is considered to be a source of power and wisdom. Crystal practitioners believe a person can use amethysts to enhance or sharpen spiritual visions and enlightenment.

Anxiety ~ Anger, and Stress · Amethyst eliminates stress, fear, regret, guilt, worries, and tensions by pushing your life force energy into the higher chakras. Amethyst crystals can help ease anxiety and bring peace of mind; this is due to Amethyst balancing out highs and lows to promote emotional centring. 

Sobriety ~ Because of its ability to raise vibrational levels, Amethyst is often referred to as the sobriety stone. This quality helps with overcoming addiction by facilitating healthy, positive thinking and by promoting integrity, self-love, and healing.

Insomnia ~ Aids in Sleep: Placing Amethyst under the pillow or near the bedside will promote restful sleep and alleviate insomnia, allowing for a more rejuvenating rest.

Note ~ Each Crystals energy may be interpreted differently by each individual. Always keep an open mind and heart xx

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